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This website is designed to give the latest details of What's going on in the world of Beery events throughout the County. If you'd like to give us feedback or just like to say hi... Send an email ku.gro.armac.llawnroc@hcuotnipeek

One of our key objectives as a branch is to acknowledge the Best Cornish Pubs and Clubs for

The Good Beer Guide and CAMRA Kernow Pub of The Year.

Firstly, we are looking for pubs that serve excellent Real Ale to represent Cornwall in the Good Beer Guide. The CAMRA www.whatpub.com website helps the scoring process as it enables all CAMRA members nationwide to score the quality of ales they drink in pubs they visit. We urge every CAMRA member to support those pubs they drink great ale in by scoring their beer.

Secondly, we are looking for pubs and clubs that are great value for money, have a great atmosphere and is somewhere you feel welcomed alongside serving fantastic Real ale or Real Cider. There are five prestigious awards up for grab The CAMRA Kernow Pub of the Year, The CAMRA Kernow Cider Pub of the Year, The CAMRA Kernow Town Pub of the Year, The CAMRA Kernow Rural Pub of the Year and for 2017 for the first time the Kernow CAMRA Club of the Year. If you know a pub or club that you would like to recommend we would love to hear from you.

Nominations for Pub of the Year to Rod Davies ku.gro.armac.llawnroc@reciffosbup Nominations for Cider Pub of the year to Lin Dopson ku.gro.armac.llawnroc@redic Nominations for Club of the Year to Sonia Bunce ku.gro.armac.llawnroc@reciffosserp

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